The ever changing landscape of regulatory requirements can severely impact the construction of any site development or landslide repair project. At Earth Construction and Mining, we understand the importance that air quality and water quality regulations from the federal, state and local level now play in every aspect of the construction process. Whether this involves storm water discharges or air emissions from fugitive dust or construction equipment, ECM stays at the forefront of the regulatory movement through continual training and periodic industry association updates of our experienced personnel.


Site Development
Whether your project is an in-fill development the size of a “postage stamp” or a steep hillside, Earth Construction & Mining’s experienced personnel can make it a success. Recognizing how important the site improvement elements are to the success of a project, ECM is ready to assist clients with the most difficult of sites that contain adverse geologic conditions or physical constraints. Value engineering, budget analysis and environmental compliance advisement are some of the ways ECM helps land developers come up with solutions to complex site development obstacles.

Landslide Repair
Adverse geologic conditions are common to Southern California and, combined with weather, these factors can leave homes, infrastructure and other property in peril. Earth Construction & Mining has extensive experience in repairing landslides in many conditions. Whether the landslide needs to be repaired for the preservation of existing homes, the preservation of some other kind of facility or for future development, Earth Construction & Mining has the experience and personnel to ensure that no adverse condition or geotechnical obstacle is insurmountable.

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