Habitat Restoration and
Infrastructure Improvements

The ever changing landscape of regulatory requirements can severely impact the construction of any site development or landslide repair project. At Earth Construction and Mining, we understand the importance that air quality and water quality regulations from the federal, state and local level now play in every aspect of the construction process. Whether this involves storm water discharges or air emissions from fugitive dust or construction equipment, ECM stays at the forefront of the regulatory movement through continual training and periodic industry association updates of our experienced personnel.


Habitat Restoration
Earth Construction & Mining is an industry leader in habitat restoration and new habitat development. Years of neglect and invasive growth require inventive remedies to address degraded environments and endangered habitats. With our past experience of restori ng large wetlands, we will continue to develop new innovative methods and technologies to not only meet the demands of today but also help rebuild and restore our planet for years to come.

Infrastructure Improvements
As our infrastructure grows older and expands, Earth Construction & Mining has the experience and the resources for the repair, construction and improvement of roads, parks, water systems, pipelines, landfills, building sites, and school sites. ECM is prepared for the future with specialized equipment and innovative solutions for a constantly taxed infrastructure that continues to age.

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